The COVID-19 virus has created a unique sense of urgency for people around the world. Many businesses were caught off guard and unsure how to continue business as usual with their staff at home. This is were the Teligent difference comes in. Teligent was here to help these businesses come up with unique solutions for each business that we were able to get deployed quickly.
Here are just a few case studies where Teligent stepped up to the challenge and was able to help out:

1. Keep patients safe at a doctor’s office by using SMS

A national doctors office was trying to find ways to continue seeing their patients, while protecting their health as much as possible. Due to restrictions with COVID-19, they were looking for a way to keep patients from grouping together in their waiting rooms, so they wanted each of their locations to be able to have the patients stay in the safety of their cars and text when they have arrived for their appointment. The front office receives the text message, and checks the patient in. When the doctor is ready to see the patient, the office texts again saying they are ready and to please head into the office.

Teligent SMS enabled all 60 main office phone numbers, created queues for each of them and within 24 hours, each office is now ready to text patients. This account has grown from 4 queues to over 60 queues and 52 users accessing the platform within the week. Teligent offers the flexibility and agility that many others do not, this is the Teligent difference.

Waiting in a doctors office waiting room can be dangerous during COVID-19

2.  International Contact Center goes Remote

An internationally based contact center  was faced with a sudden need to move 200+ agents to a work from solution due to COVID-19 requirements. In less than 24 hours we were able to provide a hosted voice solution, softphones, and call recording capabilities for all the agents. With the flexibility to rapidly enable remote workers, this company is able to better recruit new agents, as well as bring on new customers as their competition struggles.


3.  Financial Institution Goes Hosted 

A Financial Institution was looking to replace their outdated on-premise phone system as well as integrate with a newly deployed cloud-based CRM. The integration we provided with our hosted voice solution was chosen after the customer viewed many competitive demos. As the customer was waiting for the final stages of a fiber build before deploying our services they were faced with moving employees to a work from home scenario due to COVID-19 requirements. Within the same day of the customer reaching out we were able to provide their now remote employees a hosted voice solution utilizing a softphone. This solution provided much more functionality and professionalism to customers versus call forwarding their outdated phone system to a cell phone.


4.  Non-Profit Needs a Contact Center for Remote Workforce

We recently worked with a non-profit organization that was faced with the daunting task of suddenly moving 20 contact center agents to their homes. Their current on-premise solution gave them little to no functionality working remotely. Teligent was able to provide a hosted contact center solution with softphones to allow those agents to effectively support clients working from home quickly. The Teligent Hosted Call Center provides everyday features such as:

Call Queues

Call Recording


Barge In

CRM Integrations


Live Reporting and Historical Reporting

SMS, MMS, webChat

Nursing Home can now update loved ones on changes with a quick SMS.

5.  Nursing Home Sends Updates via SMS

A nursing home with several locations began to get inundated with phone calls from family checking in on their loved ones. They needed the ability to quickly notify the residents families of the ever-changing updates, quickly and efficiently. With Teligent SMS, the nursing homes could quickly send out text message blasts to update families with changed visiting hours, current safety protections, and more – which let the nursing home staff get off the phone and spend more time caring for their elderly residents.

Regardless of what business size or industry your business is in, it’s important to be prepared. Teligent is here to help existing customers or new customers come up with communication solutions and disaster recovery plans. To learn more about each of these specific services, visit or Contact Us today!

Stay safe and healthy!

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