Productivity Hacks for Remote Working


Now that many people have been working remotely for several months now, the new feeling may be wearing off making it harder for employees to stay productive. A common misconception about remote working is that employees are less productive then they are when working in an office. The truth is, about 65% of employees say they feel more productive when working remote vs. working in an office. Still concerned? Here are a few hacks to ensure you are staying focused and productive.

Use Video


Utilize collaboration tools with video capabilities. Using video allows you to see body language which alters the way we communicate. People are more likely to stay engaged and tune into what others are saying which helps teams stay productive.

Let the Night Owl Thrive


Take the time to understand how and when your team works best. Obviously, not everyone has the ability to work any hour of the day but take the time to think, does my team have to work Monday thru Friday 8 am to 5 pm? If not, allowing flexible hours can help get the creative juices flowing for some, and allowing flexible hours helps boost productivity and overall remote workplace happiness.

Try the Pomodoro Method


Never heard of the Pomodoro Method? To summarize, the method encourages people to pick a few tasks at the beginning of the day that they would like to get done. Then, you immerse yourself and give your undivided attention to one task for 25 minutes. After 25 minutes, take a break (make some coffee, go for a quick walk, something not work-related).  Come back and get another task done (or finish the one you started before). Giving your brain the balance and focus help get those tasks checked off! To learn more about the Pomodoro Method, click here.

Don’t Treat Home Like Home


There are hundreds of other projects you’d rather be doing. From fixing a broken sprinkler head to repairing the leaky faucet or painting the guestroom, we all have a never-ending list of things to do aside from work. Here’s the thing: you’re working.

Allowing the line between work and home to blur can be a huge productivity killer. Something as simple as changing a lightbulb can easily spiral into a ceiling fan cleaning frenzy to a closet overhaul and before you know it, the whole afternoon is spent. Treat your work time like you are in the office, and keep your home projects saved for your offtime outside of work.

Enjoy It!


Finally, learn to enjoy it! Creating tasks and organizing your day can seem daunting, however, once you see those tasks getting checked off, it can be enjoyable. Remember to maintain a healthy work-life balance. This will help to make the time you are working, more enjoyable.

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