You might be doubtful, but it’s true! Orthodontists can use SMS as a way to improve oral hygiene. Since patients undergoing orthodontic treatment need to be exceptionally aware of their oral hygiene habits in order to have a successful treatment, orthodontists are constantly perusing new ways to help patients with their oral hygiene compliance.

A recent research article, published in the Journal of Oral Hygiene & Health, studied a group of 50 people undergoing orthodontic treatment. Within the group, 25 patients received a weekly text message with tips and reminders about their oral hygiene. The other 25 patients did not receive a text message reminder at all.

The researchers continued to study the patients’ oral hygiene habits while sending the 25 patients a weekly text message. After four months, they evaluated each patient to distinguish the differences between those who had gotten the text reminders and those who didn’t.

Their results concluded that the patients who received the messages had better oral hygiene compliance versus those who did not receive text messages. The author of the article, Dr. Harshal R Jejurikar, writes, “A text message reminder system explaining the importance of oral hygiene sent to parents of patients once weekly is an effective way to improve oral hygiene compliance in orthodontic patients over a 4 month period” (Jejurikar, 2014). Within their research, they also discovered that text message reminders not only improved oral hygiene, but increased clinic attendance as well.

With Teligent®IP Interactive Solution, orthodontists can use SMS as an active reminder system during treatment which will help improve oral hygiene compliance, build ongoing relationships, and increase trust with patients.

Don’t get left behind, if other orthodontists can use SMS, you can too! To learn more about how the Teligent®IP Interactive Solution can help your orthodontists’ office, and many other business industries, visit or contact us today!

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