Here at Teligent we consider the health of your network as an invaluable part of your telecommunication success. When you become a Teligent customer we automatically start monitoring components directly related to our service within our customers network. This includes components such as Routers, Switches, and SBCs. Our Teligent network monitoring helps us provide accurate and real time data for reachability, stability, latency and over utilization.

Do you want more monitoring? We have you covered, ask us today how we can also include other components of your business to our monitoring tool such as servers, desktop and other devices.


  • SD Wan is a great solution for business looking for a device to help your IT staff route traffic smarter, maximize all bandwidth connections and provide a true redundant solution.
  • SD Wan technology delivers reliability and predictability by automatically measuring latency, jitter and packet loss. It then selects the best available route for critical traffic like voice or video calls.
  • Use it to maximize your bandwidth. You can link up multiple 3 rd party ISP connections and use them all simultaneously. Take advantage of that back up ISP connection and put it to work for you.
  • Is your primary internet connection down? Utilize SD Wan to maintain your WAN and route traffic seamlessly from one connection to the other in the event of an outage. No need for manual changes, your SD wan solution does it for you.


  • Customer Support is the lifeblood for any company, it is critical to have the right staff with the right expertise. It can be time consuming to find just the right people and cost prohibitive to establish a support organization. Let Teligent help you with both. Whether you are establishing an all new support team or adding onto an existing organization, we can help.
  • With outsourced tech support services from Teligent, you can rest assured that your customers will experience the highest quality service when they call in with technical questions or issues.
  • Call us today so we can discuss your Technical Support Agent needs and get your customers the service they deserve.

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