Microsoft Teams debuted in 2017 and now has over 13 million daily users. With the move to a remote workforce, many business owners are looking for collaboration tools. It’s no surprise that Teams is in the lead for workforce collaboration tools. Here is a roundup of our favorite Microsoft Teams features:

1.  Fully Integrated with Office 365

Microsoft Teams integrates nicely with all of the Office365 products including Excel, Word, OneDrive, SharePoint, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Businesses already using the Office365 applications can begin to collaborate using Teams with a seamless transition.

2.  Direct Access to Email, Skype, OneDrive and SharePoint.

Using teams, you have access to everything in the same place. From Skype chats, to documents, notes, and emails – easily access everything from one window.  Additionally, Teams offers over 180 connectors to other apps such as Twitter, Google Analytics, ZoHo, Trello, and more.

3.  Organize Using Channels

Easily organize documents and information into channels. Teams gives users the ability to collaborate in different channels but helps keep shared documents organized to each channel.


Standard channels

They’re open for all members and anything posted is searchable by others. By default, all members of a team can create standard channels. Tenant owners can change this permission and limit channel creation and permissions to certain roles.

Private channels

They’re for discussions that shouldn’t be open to all members, so you must be invited to join one to view it within a team.


4.  Search Functionality

Using the search function, you can easily search for information. Whether you are searching for a document, email, or chat message- Teams gives you the ability to quickly look through everything throughout your channels. Furthermore, you can use the Wiki feature to combine company knowledge bases that are quickly accessible and easy to search through.

5.  Activity Filtering with @mentions

Watching for information that pertains to you in the live-time chat feed can be difficult. Either the information gets missed because you are busy with other tasks or you spend too much time watching the live feed and loose productivity. Fortunately, you can filter through the content by using @mentions.  As a result, this allows you to separate your personal messages and to-do lists from other less relevant conversations.

6.  Integrate Communications with Teligent & Teams

Lastly, using Microsoft Teams with Teligent, you get the advantage of using all of the features that come with teams along with an integrated phone solution backed by a world-class telecom provider. Fianlly, have your cake and eat it too!


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