Let’s face it. The world of communication has changed as we know it.   Phone Calls? Send it to voicemail. E-mail? Pile it in with the 3,000 others. Fax? Wait, what? 

 As small business owners, it can be a struggle to reach your customers, but you may also face challenges with your customers reaching YOU. Not all business owners have an army of helpers to assist with the phone calls, emails, social media interactions, all in addition to the day-to-day tasks of running a business. 

The good news is, small business owners now have another option- business texting from TeligentIP.  At first thought, you might wonder if your small business would benefit from text messaging and we can honestly say, yes, we think so. Many consumers are already receiving text messages from businesses such as appointment reminders. It’s time to start thinking of business texting as not only a notification tool but as an all-in-one two-way communication, marketing, reminder, and notification tool. Here are some ideas for small businesses that could be applied in many different verticles:


Landscaping Company 
  • Work with customers to schedule monthly lawn maintenance appointments.
  • Allow customers to skip maintenance or snow removal appointments, simply by sending a text message.
  • Schedule slowing down? Send a text to your client base offering a promotion to generate more appointments in your schedule.
  • Send a link for a quote via text message- statistics show that a 90% of text messages are opened within 3 seconds of receiving them. No more sifting through emails!
  • Payment Reminders- The number one reason people don’t pay on time, is simply because they forget!


  • Allow customers to place orders via text message. Why? Not only can they reply at their own pace, but the order is documented clearly when the order is ready to be made – no need to have a customer repeat how to spell a name 15 times because of their dog barking in the background!
  • Send out birthday coupons inviting customers in for a free cupcake on their birthday.
  • Customers LOVE providing sample pictures of what they are looking for. Great,  have them send a picture text to the same number they just called. The bakery staff will receive the picture and you just made your customers life that much easier!
  • Increase marketing efforts by announcing promotions or seasonal flavors. Text message marketing is quick, easy, and incredibly affordable.


  • Allow drivers to quickly update dispatch with delays such as engine troubles or flat tires.
  • Notify customers of package delivery updates.
  • Improve warehouse management systems by allowing staff members to broadcast text messages to other employees notifying them of inventory shortages, back-orders, or equipment failure.


With TeligentIP, you can use your existing landline business telephone number to send and receive texts. Give your employees the power to text customers right from their computer with a texting platform that’s easy to manage and use. Then, imagine telling your customers they can text the number they already use to call you.

Texting allows your business to become more efficient as you can reach more customers in less time. The ability to have a two-way text allows your business to be personable and have a conversation, unlike an email.  Easy to use tools such as the Teligent Interactive Solution, is giving small businesses the ability to simplify daily tasks, streamline communication, and help that bottom line.

It’s time to join the thousands of other businesses that are already texting. To learn more about small business SMS from TeligentIP, call (or text) us at 855-474-8464, we’d love to be apart of your overall business texting strategy.

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