TeligentIP is sponsoring & attending SNUG 2024 on April 7th – 10th in Fort Worth, TX. 

TeligentIP is very happy to sponsor and attend SNUG 2024, on April 7th through 10th in Fort Worth, Texas. Please join us at our booth and come welcome Juan “The Juan and Only” Pena to the TeligentIP family! That’s right! The Juan and Only, has joined TeligentIP. Juan comes with great knowledge and deep understanding of the TAS industry. He will be accompanied by Lori Jenkins, who has been immersed in the TAS industry for the majority of her life. Put together this dynamic duo will be able to help you with all of your TAS communication needs.

TeligentIP has a large amount of services that are engineered towards the TAS industry, including:

SIP Trunking
Secure/Encrypted SIP Trunking
BCDR for Premise or Hosted TAS System
BCDR for SIP Trunks or PRIs
Fax Trunking and Fax Services

Hosted Voice / UCaaS
Microsoft TEAMS

If you are not using secure or Encrypted SIP Trunks, please come talk to us, so that we can explain how using them will add value to your business. Do you have redundancy for your PRI or SIP Trunks? How about for your premise or hosted phone system? Do you have a testing plan for your failover or backup? We can help you with the redundancy/failover you need for your business to stay in business. Our team is comprised of professionals that have a deep understanding of the TAS industry and our implementations team will ensure your business is secure and that your transition is as smooth as possible. Porting, programing and implementation are all handled by well trained industry professionals that understand the value and strive to meet the needs of the TAS Industry.

Not attending the conference?
Please reach out to either
Lori Jenkins

or to The Juan and

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