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Essential Tips for Supervising Remote Call Center Agents

The world is lucky to have technologies available that allow employees to work remote. One thing that technology cannot replace, is the need for personal interaction and a good management team to keep it all on track. Managing remote call center agents can be slightly trickier than handling a call center under one roof (the alone is difficult and deserves praise as it is). Supervising a group of remote workers and motivating them can be somewhat daunting. Never fear, we are here to help!


Here are six essential tips to make managing your remote call center agents, a little bit easier.

1. Keep agents motivated with gamification

Gamification has been a buzz word in the industry for months (if not several years now). If you haven’t already explored this concept- now is the time to do so! Apply scores and prizes to employees’ every day tasks. Making work feel more fun will encourage employees to work harder and do their best. Potential rewards could include gift cards, dinner vouchers, paid time off, or company wide recognition.

2.  Make the most of video conferencing 

Unite the team, face to face. With being cooped up in their home and missing the people interactions, this may be the time they look forward to the most. Additionally, this allows you as a supervisor to ensure they are staying on task and actively participating in group calls or training sessions.

Take advantage of Video Conferencing
Poly Headset

3.  Give them the tools they need

Ensure your agents have everything they need for a comfortable working environment. Do they have a proper screen or headset? Sometimes, homes don’t have an ideal, dedicated workspace. It is your job to ensure they have the tools they need to make their workspace as comfortable as you possibly can.  Poly (recently Plantronics merged with Polycom) offers great equipment for your remote employees here. Contact Teligent for customized pricing options on equipment.

Additionally, ensure you are taking advantage of collaboration tools. Products like Microsoft Teams from Teligent or the Teligent Communicator, managers can always be in contact with agents at a moment’s notice, as well as track the online presence.

4.  Check-in’s, call logs, and daily reports

Place mandatory check-in’s to ensure everyone is doing what they need and has everything they need. Additionally, utilize reporting tools like call logs and activity reports from your agents allow managers, at a glance, to quickly monitor their agent’s daily activity.

5.  Create a knowledge base

When in an office, groups can collaborate to problem solve. With everyone being separated, it’s important for any discoveries or solutions to be well documented in a way everyone has quick access to. When working remotely, your team cannot just walk over to you and ask for help or advice, so a knowledge base that is easily searchable makes searching for answers that much easier.

Ask for feedback

6.  Ask for feedback!

Ask your agents for feedback. These times are unprecedented, everyone is learning as we go.  Ask your agents for feedback on ways to improve, discuss what aspects of their everyday work they like and dislike. Which parts of the process do they feel are slower or more complex than they should be?

The move to remote call center agents can be a tricky one, but using the tools available can make the transition more smooth. Should you need any assistance with technology tools available to you, do not hesitate to reach out to your Teligent Team.

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