TeligentIP Kicks Off the Holiday Season in Davao!

TeligentIP is kicking off the holiday season- Hawaiian style!

Our annual international holiday party was held last week in Davao City, Philippines. We’ve added many new faces to the team this past year and it was great to have company executives out to spend time with each employee based out of our Davao office.

The Boodle Fight


This years holiday dinner was served up boodle-fight style. Never heard of a boodle fight? (Yes boodle- not poodle!).  The term “boodle fight” originated in the Philippines when chefs had to figure out how to feed large numbers of military soldiers who showed up hungry and ready to eat. Chefs would arrange traditional Filipino cuisine, atop banana leaves, spread across a long table where soldiers could stand side to side. No utensils are used when eating -only your bare hands to eat so this is definitely not a fine dining experience. The “fight” in the name refers to the act of grabbing and eating as much as the soldier could before others get the food (or it ran out).

Now, it is a Filipino tradition to gather for a boodle fight- to enjoy friends and family as an informal dining experience. Have you ever been apart of a boodle fight?



Check out some more fun pictures from our holiday party!

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