The Story of Perseverance & Determination

By September 25, 2018#TeligentTeam, All, Blog
Special Edition

A story of perseverance and determination.



Everyone has a story to tell…

…each powerful in their own way.


The TeligentIP family is proud to have a very diverse team. We believe that having a company comprised of people from all walks of life instills mutual respect and helps individuals come together to build an effective team. Today’s Teligent Team story is a powerful story of determination and perseverance. Our company is honored to have leaders who are walking proof that against any odds, you can be successful and insight change in the world around you. We are excited to present the story of Alan Pourfzal, the VP of Operations at TeligentIP.


I was born on December 26th, 1966 in Shiraz, Iran in a family of educators.

My dad was a professor at Shiraz University and my mother taught English at a local high school.

I have an identical twin brother and he is my only sibling.

In 1979, Iran went through a long revolution which resulted in overthrowing of the Shah and installment of a new government. This was followed by neighboring Iraq attacking Iran in 1980 and the ensuing war which lasted about 8 years. During the early years of the war, the new Iranian government was looking to recruit young boys by brainwashing them and promising them the key to heaven. Those who volunteered were taken to the frontline to be used as human minesweepers. My parents were concerned that my brother and I would also volunteer to be next. They had decided that we need to leave the country as soon as possible but the government would not allow anyone to leave. My dad found a smuggler with a good track record, he had already smuggled my aunt’s family safely across the Pakistan border.

In the summer of 1982, my twin brother and I, along with my mom and dad escaped from Iran through the Pakistan border on Russian-made motorcycle with huge gas tanks. The dangerous journey included me getting overthrown from the motorcycle after my driver went into a ditch. Luckily, all the desert sand broke my fall and I walked away unharmed except for my broken watch that hit a rock! The journey took us through a full day of bike ride followed by an all-night ride on the back of a pickup truck on dirt roads leading to a border city in Pakistan. We were lucky that we were not shot at by the border patrol.  After a couple weeks in Karachi, we flew to Madrid/Spain which at the time did not require a visa. Within five weeks, we were able to obtain US visas for the whole family which brought us to Los Angeles in October of 1982.

I went to high school for two years and attended California State University in Long Beach in 1984. I graduated from Long Beach State with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering in December of 1988 and followed with a graduate program until 1991.

I started working as a telecom field engineer in 1991 for a company in the greater Los Angeles area installing PBX and key systems. In Spring of 1993, I joined a telecom company as a partner/shareholder along with my brother and four of my college buddies from Long Beach State. In 2004, we found a new company using our existing customer base and started providing VoIP services using the Broadsoft platform. We ultimately sold the company in 2012 where I stayed for two more years until 2014 when I left to join TeligentIP in 2014.

I was married in July of 1998 and just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. I have two boys ages 15 and 12 in 10th and 6th grade, respectively. I enjoy hanging out with my close friends and taking vacations to relaxing destinations with my family.

Today, Alan oversees and manages our technical and customer support departments. Alan’s perseverance through life has made him a great leader and encourages his team to be successful through, not only his words but his actions as well.  We hope you have enjoyed Alan’s story as much as we did, and hope you’ve taken away some encouragement that you too, can do anything against all odds.

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