The culture of work is evolving. Many factors are driving this change in the business world today. Taking a closer look at these changes, you will find that the culture change is caused by the growing numbers of millennials in the workplace.

As more millennials enter the corporate world, business owners are finding millennials are demanding workplaces run faster and more efficient. This generation is bringing with them new attitudes, ideas, and values to the workplace. In return, business owners are taking advantage of it.

“By 2020 millennials are projected to be 50% of the workforce and by 2025, this number is expected to reach 75%.”

– Deloitte 2017 Survey


Most millennials today have access to various sophisticated technology and applications, even in the comfort of their homes. The use of social media and smart devices have undeniably become their way of life. Everyone has access to files, photos, and videos from anywhere because of the cloud.

Growing up with these advanced technologies, millennials expect to also use modern technology at work. They are the first generation to enter workplace with superior adaptability and experience in handling technology. As a matter of fact, 59% of them consider an employers’ ability to provide state-of-the-art technology as a vital factor when considering a job.

Millennials are also known to love the aspect of being able to work anywhere. As more of them take over the world of business, workforce have become increasingly dispersed. Moreover, businesses are moving away from premise-based communication systems because a cloud communication system is far more cost effective, efficient, and easier to manage. Now, the need to move towards a cloud-based communication system has also increased because of the demand from millennial workforce for the ability to work remote. This transition is now supporting not just the business, but also their millennial employees’ need for greater mobility, flexibility, simplicity, and responsiveness.


According to a 2017 survey conducted by Deloitte, millennials believe businesses must have positive impact on the society and that business leaders should be more committed to helping improve society. Social impact has become a stronger driving force for millennial business owners, rather than focusing on personal profit-making.

“Making a difference” and changing the world around them are traits most millennials share. They are becoming pickier about which job to look for, mostly going after those that closely align with their values rather than those that offer higher pay.

This generation is ready to stimulate social change and they are using businesses as an effective and powerful tool to achieve it.


Millennials in the workplace nowadays value fresh, innovative ideas, and appreciate companies that nurture those ideas.

This generation also has greater cravings for growth than their senior counterparts. Their ambition and demand for corporate and individual growth can be often evident in their working ethics. Being raised in a fast-paced era may also influence them to seek personal development and a sense of purpose aggressively.


Half of millennials in the workplace today are already in leadership positions. This means, businesses nowadays are moving towards where millennial leaders want them to be. They have very different ideas about what’s greatly important both in life and in work than their predecessors did.

Change is not something the millennials are generally scared of. Adaptability to change and even constantly stimulating it, is what makes them significantly different than the Gen X and the Boomers. This means that businesses being led by this generation are most likely to withstand this ever-changing world.

The millennials are constantly challenging the business world – and it is doing today’s various industries a huge favor. They may be often criticized as self-centered, impatient and obsessed with modern technology, but these same qualities are what often drive them and businesses to a new era of workplace productivity.

Decidedly self-expressive, diverse and liberated than the older generations, the millennials are expected to be active catalysts towards many breakthroughs and changes in this, and the coming, era. They are also considered to be extremely distinctive from the other past generations. Their exceptional knowledge to technology and their way of fusing their lives with it is not just what makes them unique. They are on track to become the most educated generation in American history. This makes them a pool of bottomless opportunities and possibilities and are ready to take us to the right direction.

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