Do you find vintage telephones fascinating? Are you a collector or an enthusiast of historical telephones and communication equipment? Here is your chance for a new addition to your collection or to start a collection of your own!

A treasure trove of more than four hundred vintage historic telephones and communication gear is hitting the auction block next month, to be displayed in the Verizon Telephone Pioneers Museum Collection Auction.

Here are some of the items up for grab during the auction:

  • A President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s phone from his summer White House in Newport, Rhode Island
  • A couple of 1940’s wooden phone booths
  • Original plank boards from Alexander Graham Bell’s lab
  • Western Electric vintage telephone switchboards
  • Desk rotary phones
  • Hundred-year-old wall phones
  • 60’s phone cables
  • Bell Atlantic reflective signs
  • New England telephones

Learn more about the auction and what are other treasures are in store for you here.

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