By January 13, 2016Blog

Network Monitoring describes the use of software applications and tools that allow network administrators to constantly and closely monitor network activities.

This process, as painstaking and strenuous as it is, especially to the network administrator, may also cause added expenses to the company. Which brings us to the question, WHY THE NEED TO MONITOR YOUR NETWORK? What’s in it for me? To help us understand the essence of network monitoring, I have sought the expertise Abundio Libradilla, CCNP, CCNA Security, CCDP, a certified and experienced network engineer and administrator.

Abundio’s everyday work mostly involves assisting clients on service implementation and installation, equipment troubleshooting, network design consultation and many other network and IT related tasks. But one of his most vital tasks involves proactive network management and monitoring to ensure these businesses get the best of their network performance.


Why is the network so vital business operations?

“Having your business network go down = no transactions; no transactions = no profit; no profit = no company. It’s a chain reaction that can destroy a business; that’s why a quality network is so vital. It is the backbone of all operations that rely on having an internet connection, like payment processing, Emails, VOIP phone calls and much more.


What usually compels companies to implement a network monitoring service?

“Imagine sleeping comfortably without having to wonder or worry about what’s happening in your network! With network monitoring in place, it runs 24×7 with all alarms, alerts, and downtimes logged and stats historically made available for future viewing. It’s the peace of mind knowing that someone is protecting and watching over your network while you sleep”.


In what way does network monitoring affect your work as a network administrator?

“One of the important features of network monitoring is email alert notification. Customers are proactively notified before they even realize there was a network outage or issue. Instant notifications allows for immediate reactions, which cut down on the profit loss which is bound to happen during a network outage. The quicker it can be resolved, the less damage that needs to be repaired. This allows me, as a network administrator, to focus more on pro-active tasks, and less on damage control”.

The conversation with Abundio has highlighted many reasons why network monitoring is so important. Ultimately, it all boils down to these few simple statements:

  1. Monitoring helps businesses and network administrators really understand their network (performance, usage, status of every device, historical information, etc.).
  2. Protects your network from threats such as viruses, hackers and malicious intruders.
  3. Diagnoses problem quickly, allowing network admins to respond and resolve issues more quickly
  4. Assists in planning for future changes and upgrades. Better network = Better Business!

The network is the backbone of any modern business, and there is nothing more important than knowing that it is being efficiently managed and protected. It’s an investment worth making.